DVgroup International’s partnership

Imagining what full-blown VR experiences could be in a near future

DVGroup partnership with Dynamixyz, IKinema and Bretagne Production International to result in the making of a new kind of VR experiences

DVgroup has teamed up with market leaders (Dynamixyz, IKinema and Bretagne Production International) to imagine and show the world what a full-blown VR experience could be in a near future.

The innovation studio partnered these companies in order to design and produce in no more than 6 weeks a holodeck – the first VR system that allows the audience to navigate into a virtual world while being able to interact in real-time with actors and objects that are physically present.

This first holodeck is called Alice, The Virtual Reality Play. It is bathed in the work of Lewis Caroll and it draws the audience into a journey into subconsciousness, while challenging the concept of identity itself. Alice has just begun its worldwide tour, starting with the prestigious 74th Venice Film Festival. This year, the oldest international film festival in the world has launched a label dedicated to virtual reality experiences, and Alice is part of the official selection.

The creation of Alice took place in DVgroup’s innovation lab, and each partner brought a unique set of skills: BPI is specialized in 3D modeling and rigging, Dynamixyz is the market leader for 3D facial animation, and IKinema is the world leader in believable full body motion technology. The partnership resulted in smashing characters modeling, body and facial motion capture and real time tracking and retargeting, which opened the way for a whole new kind of VR experience.

Alice, The Virtual Reality Play was an ambitious project that required an important research and development investment that was necessary to build a unique and immersive experience that triggers strong and complex emotions, especially thanks to the live acting.