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Umami is a realtime VR experience and installation immersing the user into the story of a man rediscovering his memories through a series of Japanese dishes, beverages and tastes: the sweet, the sour, the bitter, the salty and the umami: the ‘delicious taste’.

The user embodies a character digesting his own life through a phenomenon known as Madeleine de Proust. Through his interactions with the dishes memories arise unintentionally, breaking the dichotomy between present and past and taking him into an incredible journey.
In a world blending present time, gastronomy, dreams and memories, the restaurant progressively evolves with the story to become an execution room, leaving the user with an aftertaste as durable as the umami present in his meal.

An immersive experience by
Thomas Pons & Landia Egal
Produced by
Tiny Planets
In Co-production with
Novelab (VR experience)
DVgroup (physical installation)
Landia Egal & Laura Bardey
VR experience:
Amaury La Burthe & Gregoire Parain
Executive producer
Arnaud Colinart
Creative technologist
Amaury La Burthe
Menu designer
Ryoko Sekiguchi
Characters designer
Karen Hunt
Interactions designer
Charles Ayats
2D animators
Thomas Pons & Margot Barbé
3D animators
Amaury Guilley & Antoine David
3D artists
Guillaume Leblay & Arthur Maugendre
Robin Picou, Laurent Freimann & Paul Figiel
Audio designers
Florent Dumas & Thomas Couchard
Original music
Eimi Kawahara, Amaury La Burthe, Vincent Piccerelle & Xander Egal
Physical installation:
Antoine Cardon, Coline Delbaere & Nicolas Corman
Lead actors
Vincent Piccerelle & Xander Egal
Stage director
Maximilien Delort
Guillaume Malichier
Set design
Julie Brones
Light design
Julien Malichier
Technical design
Olivier Georges (aka Castor)
With the support of
CNC & Bourse Réalité Virtuelle
Special thanks to
Digital Catapult Center, Villa Kujoyama, Volumique & Fauns Sophie Flament, Aurélien Simon & Maxime Sabeg