The Roaming

We can be heroes just for one day

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Two children are running for their lives. Will you be bold enough to step in the Wetlands to help them out?  Led by a mysterious light into an endless bayou, you first have to find your way through the darkness. The spirit of The Voodoo Man inhabits the tallgrass. Getting him to trust you will help you find your way to the children…

The Roaming is an interactive virtual reality experience designed to challenge the viewer to go beyond his own personal limits, to boldly step up and take risks to save two kids running for their lives.

It is a narrative and interactive piece conceived as an antidote to free roaming shooters. Free roaming shooters are mostly about bringing out the beast in us, killing everybody and resorting to our most violent side in order to survive. In contrast, The Roaming is about bringing our heroic side forward, relying on our intelligence and empathy, doing what needs to be done to save the most fragile around us.

This project strives to make a modest step in the right direction, by questioning our individual ability to bring assistance to one another and defeat monsters that seem invulnerable at first.

Live actors
Stephen Harrison & Nicolas Pradat
Written & directed by
Mathieu Pradat
Produced by
Mathieu Pradat, La prairie productions
Co-produced by
DVgroup : Coline Delbaere, Nicolas Corman, Thomas Villepoux, Antoine Cardon
In partnership with
Satore studio, Demute, Tamanoir Immersive studio
Distributed by
Diversion cinema : Paul Bouchard
Beatrice Mujdei, Barbara Weber Boustani, Avant Strangel
Production coordinator & assistant director
Emma Hamilton
Music composer
Frédéric Verrières
Sound design & sound editing
Julien Gerber
Sound recording
Mathias Large
Sound coordinator
François Fripiat
Lydie Le Doeuf
Technical supervisor & live mo-cap
Poll Pebe Pueyrredón (3P films)
Technical advisor
Olivier "Castor" Georges
Production assistant
Joffrey Delmotte
Lead developer
André Berlemont
Modeler & shader artist
Léon Denise
Interaction design
Samuel Lepoil
Remy Large
Modeler, developer, integrator
Franck Marandet
Sound developer & sound editing
Walter Fiorini
Sound developers
Pablo Schwilden Diaz, Carlos Martìn Montesinos
Live mo-cap
Patrick Girard Quinell