The Real Thing

Real Life in Fake Cities

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Have you ever been to Paris? It is a nice city located near Shanghai, but there are very few foreign tourists there, only couples coming to have their wedding photos taken!
Paris, London, Venice… three cities of which you can find a copy in China. The Real Thing is a documentary that takes us to these bizarre environments and plays with our surroundings by distorting reality, but also focuses on the people who actually live there – Chinese people living in small flats, but with a view on the Eiffel Tower.
The Real Thing is a 360° documentary directed by Benoît Felici and realized in coproduction with Artline Films and Arte. It makes a pair with a 52’ TV documentary about the very principle of architectural copies.

Benoit Felici
Benoit Felici / Mathias Chelebourg
Artline Films (France) / DVgroup / Arte (France)
Documentary / Creative
16 minutes
VR type
360° Film
French / Chinese / English / German