The Horrifically Real Virtuality

A horrific comedy set in the 1950's

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The Horrifically Real Virtuality paints an introspective portrait of the emerging art of VR, and aims to evoke, with tenderness and self-mockery, its relationship with Cinema.

The Horrifically Real Virtuality summons the ghosts of Ed Wood Jr. (allegedly the worst movie director ever) and ageing B-movie star Bela Lugosi (the first and legendary on-screen Dracula) as they reunite to shoot their final masterpiece, starring Lugosi as a character with the ability to access a parallel dimension: the Real Virtuality, in which he encounters humanoids from another time and dimension – the audience.

The experience revives Ed Wood – famous for being crowned ‘worst director of all time’ two years after his death. The audience is invited to both attend the shoot and the screening of his latest film, and even « step into » the movie to embody the characters themselves.

The Horrifically Real Virtuality unfolds during a movie shoot obviously headed towards disaster: the film is far from being completed, the production team is overrun, the actor refuses to break character. The narrative is full of references to genre cinema, its grotesque special effects deliberately contrasting with the cutting edge cross-reality technologies involved. Throughout the experience, mechanisms and processes are openly revealed, front stage and back stage keep overlapping, story and staging merge, creating a new dimension halfway between the real and the virtual: the illusion of the false.

The Horrifically Real Virtuality is a largefield experience: in groups of six, viewers explore a 70 sqm space, divided into seven different sets. The experience lasts about 45 minutes.

The Horrifically Real Virtuality takes a deeper look at immersion and metafiction mechanisms, exploring the different layers of reality.

Marie Jourdren
Marie Jourdren
Stage director
Maximilien Delort
Josh Jefferies
Robin Berry
Sylvain Hayot, Olivier Nemoz, Thomas Azoug, Jonas Bellesa & Adrien Scholler
Antoine Cardon
Production direction
Coline Delbaere, Nicolas Corman, Nicolas Deschamps, Anne-Lise Miller & Joffrey Delmotte
3D artists
Jérémie Ranc & Quentin Couvreur
Motion artists
Unicorn Paris
Light artist
Paulin Rogues, Ats Kurvet
Art director
Pedro Alves
Original arrangement
Stéphane Le Gouvello
Sound design
Grégory Sémah
Set supervisor
Olivier « Castor » Georges
Set decorators
Guillaume Malichier, Julie Brones & Jim Quernez
Julien Malichier
Julien Malichier
Face Mocap
3D Modeling & rigging
Bretagne Production International
Project managers
Lilian Lavergne & Thomas Liberge
Stage manager
Clément Vérin