The Hive

Seven episodes from seven different points of view

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Judith, a women’s magazine reporter is sent to a tiny village in the mountains to interview Anna, a famous German photographer. Anna is heading to the village to take photos of some mysterious installations in the nearby forest, which are revealed to be part of a conflict that rages among the community.
An expedition has been organized by a group of hunters to destroy the installations. However, the noose around them tightens as they go deeper into the forest; the hunters become hunted by strange men in beekeepers suits. One of them is Elzear, a supposedly paranoid outcast who has decided to go after the alpha male of the hound of hunters. The other is Dufer, the commercial manager of Agricorp, a powerful pesticide company that sponsors the local hunters group, their best client in the agricultural community.
A tragic rivalry from the past will reappear, and Judith will discover a story that goes way beyond Anna’s work.

The Hive is an environmental thriller, recounted in seven episodes from seven different points of view. Set in an original playground, the immersive and highly visual universe combines storytelling with actual Land Art work.


Stephane Barbato & Sabine Hogrel
Stephane Barbato
Playground (France) / DVgroup
Duration (Series)
7 x 10 minutes
Duration (VR series)
2 x 3 minutes
VR type
360° Film
French / English