Live performance in NYC

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Play! is a live performance piece led by a comedian (performance capture) and a musician linked to a video projection. The performance immerges the viewer in a world echoing that of the movie Playtime by Jacques Tati. It will stage a short tranche of life in a seven apartment building and is based on situational comedy through a chain reaction process: the action of a resident unintentionally impacts the life of his neighbor.

Each little skit featuring one of the characters is played by the comedian and captured live on stage, to be then instantly incorporated in a film projected on the big screen and played in a loop. Thus enabling the audience to gradually witness these skits interact with each other.

This piece is a loving parody of contemporary consumer society and entertainment, borrowing the codes of the 1960’s we find in Tati’s work: à naive comedy and some form of obsession or addiction conveyed by the running gags of each skit playing in a loop.

Play! is a unique performance, played for the first and the only time at Futur Of Storytelling in NYC, live on stage.

I could never be a dancer
Cedric Lequileuc
Conception & production