Dans la peau de Thomas Pesquet

Thomas Pesquet's extraordinary journey

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A child is building a rocket in his room. He dreams of becoming an astronaut and falls asleep contemplating the glowing stars on the ceiling, absorbed by a strange feeling of vertigo and the immensity of the cosmos. This child’s name is Thomas Pesquet. Thirty years later, he invites us to share his dream by joining him on an extraordinary journey around Earth, making the audience wonder about how the astronauts have to face their own corporeality, or about the fragility of life and the role of mankind in the universe.

Dans la peau d’un astronaute (Being an astronaut), is a 15-minute documentary in which we follow Thomas Pesquet during his training from Houston to Baïkonour and his mission on the International Space Station. This one-of-a-kind experience, the stunning beauty of the images shot in space in partnership with NASA and ESA, allow space-geeks and thrill-seekers to share the most intense moments of the Proxima mission with Thomas Pesquet.

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Jurgen Hansen / Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff
Jurgen Hansen / Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff
La Vingt-Cinquième Heure (France) / DVgroup / Prospect TV (Germany)
Documentary – Discovery / linked to an IMAX documentary
2x10 minutes
VR type
360° Film
French / English