Cosmik Roger


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In a near future, overpopulation has become a major threat to mankind. In a world where people cram themselves wherever they can – even in the White House, which is also a nursery and a mall –, the Earth’s President makes the decision to send one man, Roger, in space in order to find a virgin and viable planet.
However, Roger is way more interested in alcohol and women than in humanity’s problems, so he spends most of his time in a dirty bar lost in deep space.

Cosmik Roger is the adaptation of a Belgian comic book published in Fluide Glacial.
It is a room-scale VR experience that allows you to walk into the favourite space-pub of the main character. The character design is meticulously insane and has bit of a cartoonish vibe that gets you onboard immediately, while the overall tone of the experience is rather edgy, with more than a spoonful of grunge humour.

Julien Durand
Marc Mordelet
Bretagne Production International (France) / DVgroup
from 10 to 15 minutes
VR type
Roomscale / Interactive
French / English