The virtual reality play

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The play is bathed into the work of Lewis Caroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The play challenges the concept of identity itself and tackles issues such as obsessing over time, the rules of logic, and the absurd. The rules of the game unveil alongside the main narrative: the audience understands progressively that they are Alice, and that they must, just like Lewis Caroll’s heroine, engage with the characters they meet. The journey becomes a rite of passage, bound to lead to a final crowning.

 Alice, The Virtual Reality Play is a complete VR experience which immerses the audience into a virtual scenery and allows them to interact physically in real time with characters and objects. It follows the lead of the immersive theatre, and it takes the status of the spectator to another level: the audience is brought to the stage and they become actors, whose decisions and actions participate in building the narrative and the visual universe of the play.

Showcased in the Cannes Film Festival in May 2017, the experience is now touring international festivals and events.

Venice International Film Festival
From 8/31/17 to 9/5/17

Centre Phi — Montreal
From 9/23/17 to 10/1/17

Future of Storytelling — New York
Official selection
From 10/6/17 to 10/8/17

Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans
Official selection
From 11/3/17 to 11/11/17

Dubaï International Film Festival
Official selection
From 12/6/17 to 12/13/17

Author and Creative Director
Marie Jourdren
Mathias Chelebourg
Stage Director
Maximilien Delort
DVgroup / Synergy Cinema
3D Modeling and Rigging
Bretagne Production International
Face Motion Capture
Body Motion Capture
VR play
20 minutes
VR type
Roomscale / Interactive
English / French