Immersive Mugshots

A journey back home

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Rob is a Yankton Sioux and a Vietnam war veteran. During his life, he was arrested 60 times for different reasons, like bar fights and drug abuse, in 8 different states of the United States of America.
Nowadays, Rob works as a pipemaker in Berlin; he crafts peace pipes from a traditional and sacred red stone. But after over 20 spent in exile overseas, Rob decides to take a journey back to his homeland. He needs some pipestone, and he also is on a special quest.
Through Virginia, Colorado and the reservations of Dakota, Rob is going to visit every police station where he was ever arrested and collect his mugshots. Ultimately, he plans to invite every policeman he has met to a photographic exhibition.

A life in Mugshots revolves around the very unique character that is Robert Alan Packard, a Native-American in search for an ancient and sacred red stone that is sold only to pipemakers; a sacred mission that contrasts with his occasionally violent and antisocial behavior.
Rob will play his own role in this reconstruction of his trip. The story also peeks into the life of Native Americans and the consequences of one’s actions as well as journeying toward inner peace.
The story is built like a road trip that alternates between stunning American landscapes and more intimate scenes when we dig deeper into Rob’s life and get to discover the people he met along the way.
The format of this documentary is an innovative triptych of cinemascope screens, reinventing the way you usually tell a story.

Author and Director
Stéphane Barbato
Playground (France) / DVgroup
Creative biopic documentary
15 minutes
360° Film