Innovation for filmmakers

DVgroup is revolutionizing movies by launching their VolumeCapture technology

The entertainment industry has been seeing a revolution in distribution formats (AR|VR|MR) and changing consumer patterns, creating confusion in the industry.

Production methods used to require expensive materials and manufacturing tools for each medium, and are reserved for a few entertainment giants who have the financial resources and technical means necessary to roll them out in all the possible formats.

DVgroup, Europe’s leading virtual reality production studio, introduces VolumeCapture technology

VolumeCapture is a major innovation responding to the issues related to these changes, and supports directors in the production of these new immersive and interactive narrative formats.

Most of all, VolumeCapture technology acquires 3D images in real time, in the same conditions as a classic film shooting: scenery and director’s work on set, actors; live performance, immediate preview of the images shot and restitution in various formats.


Thanks to this unique capture process is designed to share data, using the same source for all types
of formats and consumption modes:
– 2D images to create feature films, shorts, series or 360° films
– 3D data to create new media: VR experiences, augmented reality, video games, and more.

As a result of this R&D, this year, in Cannes, we have presented our Volume technology through a new project : “The Horrifically Real Virtuality”

Video Credits

Realisation image : Jérémy Roux

Video editors : Sebastien Pichet, Jérémy Zaloga

Calibrator : Jérémy Zaloga

Interviewed people : Antoine Cardon, Romain Pradier, Marie Jourdain

Production : DVgroup