Mostra: three immersive stories officially selected

75th Venice International Film Festival

On Wednesday, July 25th, the Venice Film Festival announced its selection for best virtual reality experiences in 2018.
DV will be proudly represented through three amazing immersive stories, from august 29th to September 8th.

The Horrifically Real Virtuality

Dir. Marie Jourdren, DVgroup
Animation / France / HTC Vive / 40’


The Horrifically Real Virtuality paints an introspective portrait of the emerging VR, and aims to evoke, with tenderness and self-mockery, its relationship with cinema.

The experience revives Ed Wood – famous for being crowned « worst director of all time » two years after his death. Spectators are invited to both attend the shooting and watch the projection of his latest film, and even « step into » the movie to embody the characters themselves.

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Dir. Landia Egal & Thomas Pons / Tiny Planets, Novelab & DVgroup
Animation / France / Oculus / installation / 15’

The Roaming

Umami is a realtime animated VR experience immersing the user into the story of a man rediscovering his memories through a series of Japanese dishes, beverages and tastes: the sweet, the sour, the bitter, the salty and the umami: the ‘delicious taste’.

The user embodies a character digesting his own life through a phenomenon known as ‘Madeleine de Proust’. Through his interactions with the dishes memories arise unintentionally, breaking the dichotomy between present and past and taking him into an incredible journey of affective consciousness.

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The Roaming – Wetlands

Dir. Mathieu Pradat / La Prairie & DVgroup
France / HTC Vive / installation / 10’

The Roaming

A French piece where you are in a swamp in Louisiana. You’re physically in a swamp, bare feet, and you meet a singing creature that introduces you to the stories and folklore of the spirits of the Bayou.