“Le regard ailleurs”

A vibrant and bold VR performance at the Palais de Tokyo

Samuel Fasse & Morgan Belenguer, in collaboration with DV, Unicorn and Jackson presented the performance “Le Regard ailleurs” at the Palais de Tokyo for the Fashion Week in Paris.

Each dancer enters a unique visual universe where they lose their grip on reality; they find themselves in a new world that challenges the rules of logic. Then, they start dancing as they please alongside abstractions that have a life of their own; the dancers can choose to answer them, defy them, or harmonize with them.
The dancers in the virtual world no longer feel their bodies, nor are they aware of the audience in front of them: they are dancing alone, with only a mental representation of their movements.

Each abstract shape that surrounds them and with which they can interact represents a musical note. As soon as a dancer and a shape collide, a sound is produced, and so the score of the experience is created by movement; the three dancers jointly compose the music by moving each inside their own area.

Palais de Tokyo

A musical narrative progressively falls into place thanks to the choreography, the motion of the virtual shapes, and the interaction between both: this intimate and scenographic relationship is revealed to everybody else by the ever-evolving music.
The experience has an infinity of outputs, as each dancer and each member of the audience has an unprecedented relationship with it. All the borders are questioned, the horizons and perceptions become plural. There is no main actor, the subjects are diverse and entangled, in an attempt to catch a glimpse of a world of multiplicity, a somewhere else.

Palais de Tokyo

About the Palais de Tokyo

As well as the largest center for contemporary artistic creation in all of Europe, the Palais de Tokyo is also an exhibition space, a rebellious wasteland with the air of a Palace, an anti-museum in permanent transformation.
At once convivial and challenging, generous and cutting edge, inviting and radical, poetic and transgressive, it is a space to learn, to experience, to feel, and to live.


– Samuel Fasse
– Morgan Bellenguer

Production & VR Conception
– DVgroup
– Unicorn Paris

Sound composition
– Jackson and His Computer Band