The easy way to broadcast your 360° contents

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Over the last 2 years, DVgroup participated in more than 15 exhibitions around the world, in France, in Europe and in the USA. All these events gave us the opportunity to show prospects and clients our 360° videos. This innovating film format have been attracting a growing number of curious viewers who want to get a taste of the latest trend.
However, we’ve rapidly faced the limitations of mobile VR installations:

Long setup and switching: you have to put the phone into the headset, put the headset on, set the video, take off the headset and pass it on to the user… and you need to repeat those steps for every viewing.
Unintuitive use: the people who use a VR headset for the first time don’t know how to navigate or how to use the pad and buttons on the headset.
One-man experience: the audience is completely excluded from the experience and just waits in line.

All of these drawbacks led us to design and develop a VR tool that controls remotely and wirelessly the transmission of 360° films into several devices at the same time, from a mobile application or a computer.
After just 3 months of development the MVP already has many advantages:
– No more losing time explaining to your audience how to start the video from the headset
– No more mishandling the headset during the experience, since all the commands are disabled. Only the DVStream Controller application has control over the videos
– Handling of multiple VR headsets at the same time
– Real time feedback on the application’s screen showing what the audience sees
– Playback and decoding of your HD videos in real time
– Wifi compatibility (Bluetooth currently in beta)
– Preloading of the videos to ensure they are played instantly and without interruption
– Remote and individual volume control for each headset