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Prada x Prada

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Prada launches its iconic perfume L’Homme Prada and La Femme Prada with PRADAxPRADA, its first interactive virtual reality film, available on Oculus Store, App Store and Google Play Store.

Through a transitional series of scenes and experiences – each one offering glimpses into the narrative and aesthetic codes of La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada – PRADAxPRADA is a metaphor of the paradoxical and multi-faceted human nature.

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Along the way, the audience experiences the gradual opening of interconnected three-dimensional spaces, in which reality, abstraction and surrealism constantly merge together. Collages, optical illusions, reflections, diffractions, trompe-l’œil and infinite or monumental aspects create multiple inner landscapes that the user is invited to combine. The interactivity offers up to 625 ways to go through the film.

We collaborated with Todd Baker, the multi-awarded composer of Monument Valley and Land’s End VR, who is specialized in interactive spatial sound design. To evoke the olfactory journey, the universe of the perfume was transposed into abstract representations using images, echoes, objects suspended in mid air, layers, lights, or vegetal elements.
Virtual Reality, stereoscopic technologies and 3D sound have all been merged for the first time so that the spectator would be drawn into the mind-blowing universe of this 10 minutes long 3D animation film. This immersive experience showcases a principle based on intuitive interactivity, which grants it a unique impression. By exceeding the boundaries of technology, this stereoscopic film opens a new chapter in high-definition VR experiences.

Mathias Chelebourg
Creative Director
Marie Jourdren
Sound Design
Todd Baker
Art Direction
Unicorn Paris