Prada – Luna Rossa

Master the Elements

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Master the Elements is a VR instore experience designed for the launch of the Prada Luna Rossa Carbon flanker, and offers the opportunity to put the whole Luna Rossa products range back under the spotlight.
The installation uses kinect technology and combines an autostereoscopic screen with a display of olfactory stones.

When the customer picks up a stone to discover a fragrance, the perfume appears on the screen and explodes in 3D, in sync with the customer’s movements. It’s very eye-catching: the customers see the graphic elements popping out of the screen, as if they were experiencing a 3D cinema movie, but without having to put glasses on.

Each animation has been designed based on the key elements of the fragrance.

Creative director
Marie Jourdren
Art Direction / 3D Animation
Unicorn Paris