Orange Sponsors You

The star of the UEFA Euro 2016

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Marketing campaigns and partnerships in sports usually focus on players and athletes. Orange shakes things up and puts the real stars of the Euro 2016 under the spotlights: the fans. The “Orange Sponsors You” campaign that was set up by the French historical service provider finally gives the fans the attention they deserve.

In order to communicate at every milestone of the tournament, a digital platform was built and used as a marketing hub.
The campaign started on TV at a worldwide scale; football legend Zinédine Zidane was playing talent scout, looking for the most passionate football enthusiasts he could find. Orange then invited the audience to go online and dig deeper into the experience, this time at 360°.
The 360° film  puts you in the shoes of the “best fan in the world”, chosen by Zinédine Zidane himself. It was released on social media and on the “Orange Sponsors You” digital platform, scoring more than 8 million views worldwide.

Executive Production