Etam – #Etamexperience

Photogrammetry and augmented reality for the Fashion Week in Paris.

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Your wildest dream has finally come true. For the reaveal of its newest collection, Etam gave fashionistas the opportunity to have their own private catwalk show.

The app, available for download during the Paris Fashion Week, allowed users to discover pieces from the latest Etam lingerie collection by exploring the city. Inspired by the gameplay PokemonGo, you could find Etam’s rising muse Monica Cima in various emblematic places of the world’s capital of fashion, striking new fierce poses everyday.

In coordination with Effigy studios, the top model was shot in 3D full bodyscan to capure her beauty at maximum precision.  The 3D point cloud scan was then used as a starting point by our team to texturize the skin and give the best final result. The models integrated to the augmented reality app gave birth to this playful and mischevious social game, developped in a 4 weeks record time.

Effigy Studios