Desperados – Augmented edition

Street art and augmented design combined into a previously unseen, exclusive experience.

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The new Desperados limited edition, created with the 9ème Concept collective, combines street art and augmented design into a previously unseen, exclusive experience.
Matthieu Dagorn, member of this artistic collective was given the following challenge: to completely take over the artistic universe of the iconic Desperados bottle and create an unprecedented street art creation which would be enhanced through digital art.
The dedicated app has 4 navigation levels which will give you a fresh look onto reality and make you enjoy a unique artistic experience.

The challenge was considerable: creating a physical piece of art or urban artwork, which would be animated and visited through virtual reality technology.
Matthieu locked himself away for 14 days and let his imagination run free inside the 36 square meters box especially created for the occasion.

With paper sheets and the Google Tilt Brush™ – a 3D painting virtual reality application –, he created a work of art that was both physical and digital.
Whether it is inside the box or through a virtual reality headset, the volumes of his sculpture evolve and fill the space, offering the audience a unique experience in front of an artistic piece.

Matthieu Dagorn